64" Zero Turn Straight Plow
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64" Zero Turn Straight Plow

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  • Item #: NAP-ZC4
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Product Description
** The Nordic Zero Turn Plow comes complete with a hands-free foot pedal lifting system.**

The 64” Straight Plow is perfect for long driveways and sidewalks – you can also change the angle of the blade to 5 different positions with a simple T-Handle pin.

• It won’t rust
• It won’t mark up your driveway
• It won’t tear up your grass
• It won’t tear up your paver bricks
• It will leave the gravel in your driveway
• It won’t break your back!
Product Specifications
Blade Length: 64”
Blade Height: 19 ½”
Weight: 78 lbs
Box: 27 x 10 x 12
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