79" Auto Straight Plow

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Product Description
The 79” Auto Plow works great on most passenger cars and SUV’s. It attaches to your car in a minute with no hassle – it only weights 52lbs! Simply drag it to the front of your car, attach the 4 straps and 2 bungee cords, and start plowing from the warmth of your car! Finally, you don’t have to own a truck to plow your driveway!

• It won’t mark up your driveway
• It won’t tear up your grass
• It won’t tear up your paver bricks
• It will leave the gravel in your driveway
• It won’t break your back!
Product Specifications
Blade Length: 79”
Blade Height: 19 ½”
Weight: 51 lbs
Box: 24 x 20 x 19

Comes with: 5 blade sections, extender plates, cog plates, cogs, studs, hardware, straps, clips, adjustable bungees and lawn markers.

ATTENTION: The Nordic Plow is designed for passenger cars and SUV's with a front bumper height of 14" from the ground to the bottom of your bumper. Passenger cars with bumpers between 14" to 17" from the ground will require you to purchase square bolts from your local hardware store and modify our assembly instructions. For more information, please call 888-662-7569. The Nordic Plow is not designed for trucks or passenger cars with bumpers taller than 17" from the ground.
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